Alkaline Mineral Softener

Ingredients: Sodium, Sea Salt, Alkaline Minerals, T-Water and Soybean Oil
Safe All-Natural 

Hair Relaxer Treatment

For Women With 

Super Curly Hair

Go From Curly To

Bone Straight Hair

And Back Again

Whenever You Want!

(Just pay Shipping & Handling, Only First Time Customers)

“Alkaline Mineral Softener has made the transitioning process a million times better for me.”
- Miss Porcha, BeautyPassionFashion

(Just pay Shipping & Handling, Only First Time Customers)

What is the Alkaline Mineral Softener?

Let's start with what it's not

It is NOT a mild hair relaxer.

It only softens your hair and does NOT make it straight.

However, hair is easily straightened using any form of heat after treatment with this product.
The Alkaline Mineral Softener does NOT contain sodium hydroxide, which is the stuff that dissolves hair at a rate of 1% per minute; If left on too long, it can totally destroy your hair strands.

Alkaline Mineral Softener is designed to gently soften your naturally curly hair.

Your hair will retain its natural pattern, so you can wear it as two-strand twist or go bone straight after heating it.

Think of the Alkaline Mineral Softener as a SHORTCUT.

Here’s why …

It only softens.

When you soften super curly hair it becomes totally manageable.

Then you can straighten it easily or wear it curly.

Hi, my name is Errol Crockett.

I'm a second-generation cosmetologist.

Believe it or not …
Cosmetologists have known for a long time, that you don't need to have straight hair in order to wear straight styles.

The Alkaline Mineral Softener is the perfect product for women, men and children with super curly hair, who are tired of the damage that chemical processing does to their hair.

We call the product line New Options because it earns its name.

It gives you new options when it comes down to natural hair care.

If you have curly hair you should be able to wear it proudly and with confidence. 

If you want to straighten your curly hair you should be able to do that too!

We believe you should have options when it comes to hairstyles.

But you should also know that you’re doing it safely.

We’re so confident that you’re going to love this product that we’re willing to let you try it for free.
Just pay for shipping and handling.

But you’ve got to act fast because we only carry a limited number of trial-sized containers each month.

Get yours by clicking the button below now.

(Just pay Shipping & Handling, Only First Time Customers)

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